This disclaimer applies to all courses where dentist will be working on patients.

Live Implant Training Institute, reserves the right to change these general security practices at any time without prior notice.

Early birds discounts, Last Call offers, and any Special Offer cannot be combined.

Dr. Mongalo cannot guarantee any of the following:

1…specific number of implants placed during the 7 day externship

2…number of intra-crestal sinus lifts during the 3 day training

3…number of teeth extracted during the wisdom teeth/oral surgery during the 2-day live surgery portion

Keep in mind that we are dealing with patients that can:

A…change their mind on the proposed treatment plan at the last minute

B…sudden changes in medical status that will preclude from undergoing treatment

C…problems with transportation or other personal issues that will result in no-shows

D…have underlying health problems not detected during the screening process that can result in hemorrhage, poor bone quality which will change the proposed surgery or become anxious and making the surgery impossible

There are also other unpredictable factors such as:

E…operating doctor unable to perform or complete the surgery due to his/her lack of surgical skills making it necessary that the surgery is completed by the supervising faculty. Unforeseen surgical errors on the part of the operating doctor such as perforations, breaking of cortical tables, sinus perforations, inadequate alveoloplasty, inadequate flaps and other mistakes that will force the surgery into a different outcome.

F…acts of God. These are defined as “an event that directly and exclusively results from the occurrence of natural causes that could not have been prevented by the exercise of foresight or caution; an inevitable accident. Courts have recognized various events as acts of God—tornadoes, earthquakes, death, extraordinarily high tides, violent winds, and floods. Many insurance policies for property damage exclude from their protection damage caused by acts of God”. Such nature occurrences can affect the number of patients available for treatment during that training.

H…operating doctor desires to perform surgeries outside the scope of their surgical level will result in switch of operator of faculty completing the procedure.


Dr. Mongalo will not tolerate unprofessional behavior, this includes the following:

1…not following instructions dictated by the supervising faculty

2…treating patients inhumanly, not following US standard of care

3…performing procedures that you want but patients did not need

4…stealing patients assigned to others, not following group rules

5…inciting negative group comments without approaching Dr.

Mongalo the Course Director

6…attend course after a night of alcohol beverages or narcotics consumption that will interfere with your abilities to operate

7…exhibiting unprofessional behavior in ways you would not behave in your office


Cancellation Policy:

For any of our courses or seminars to take place our entire teaching staff must block out their working schedules and patients are screened three months prior to course commencement.

Cancellation request must be submitted in writing 8 weeks prior to course commencement date.  A full refund minus $1500.00 administration fee will be issued if a written cancellation is received within the required cancellation rules.