Brand new building

Construction completed June 30, 2017

One faculty per every two attending doctors

Our new teaching facility is located in Managua, Nicaragua. According to Gallup’s Law and Order Index, Nicaragua is rated as the safest country in Latin America, source

This state of the art facility consists of 5,000 square feet with 3 different areas as follows:

A…Clinical area: 8 semi-private operating rooms, Ct-scan and digital panorex networked to all 8 rooms, portable Nomad x-rays units, 2 large air compressors and 2 strong air suction units designed to avoid suction problems, a large generator with capacity to support A/C units and power to entire 5,000 square feet, piezoelectric unit, implant-test unit to measure primary stability and PRF unit for healing factors.

B…Laboratory area: fully functional lab consisting of zirconia and disilicate milling machine, acrylic section with hydrocolloid machine and 3 lab technicians to provide support during the courses.

C…Patient area: independent from the clinical area. Equipped with waiting room and 3 additional chairs for exams and emergencies.

1st floor lobby:

1,500 square feet of full ceramic and acrylic laboratory

Entrance to Live Implants Nicaragua

2nd floor:

3,500 square feet of clinical area with 8 semi private operating rooms

Operating rooms

are 12 X 14 feet

Ct-scan images

networked on all operating rooms

Christian Mission:

LIT founders vision is to provide free implants to under privileged Latin American population (Proverbs 19)